Monday, June 30, 2008

Christian Dior Fashion Show 2009 Spring/Summer line Collections

Christian Dior Fashion

John Galliano unveiled his Haute Couture collection in Paris with a runway packed with celebrities like Kanye West, Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes and Claudia Schiffer. The Rodin Museum in the City of Lights was the place to be to check out the latest looks from one of the fashion industry’s top designers. I personally love these 2009 Couture collection than the last 2008 Dior Collections.

Anyway, Haute couture usually means it’s not anything you would dare to wear. They seem so be very weird sometimes and sometimes it was very accentric and this collections are consisted of a lot of classy suit jackets mixed with really daring skirts you wouldn’t dare to wear or would you? Would you wear haute couture clothes if you had the opportunity?

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrities and their Designer Handbags

Marc Jacobs Handbag
Vanessa Minnillo Quilted Stam and Marc Jacobs Handbag

Victoria Beckham, marc jacobs
Victoria Beckham y su Mika de Marc Jacobs Handbag

Jessica Alba,Yves Saint Laurent
Jessica Alba and its Downtown Yves Saint Laurent Handbag

Lindsay Lohan,Yves Saint Laurent
Lindsay Lohan and Belle de Jour Yves Saint Laurent Handbag

Lindsay Lohan,Prada
Lindsay Lohan and her portfolio Prada

Mary-Kate Olsen,Prada Handbag
Mary-Kate Olsen and his Lambskin Fringe Prada Handbag

Cameron Diaz,Tod's
Cameron Diaz and his bandits Tod's

ate Winslet, Hobo of Tod's
Kate Winslet and Sacca Hobo of Tod's

Mary-Kate Olsen,Chanel handbag
Mary-Kate Olsen and her Chanel handbag 2.55

Paris Hilton,Chanel Handbag
Paris Hilton and her Canvas Chain Chanel Handbag

Kirsten Dunst,Chanel handbag
Kirsten Dunst and her Chanel handbag

Sienna Miller,Chanel handbag
Sienna Miller and her Chanel handbag Cabas

Penelope Cruz,Chanel handbag
Penelope Cruz and her Chanel handbag

Dita Von Teese,Dior
Dita Von Teese and his Lady Dior Cannage Handbag

Kylie Minogue,Dior Handbag
Dita Von Teese alongside Kylie Minogue carrying Dior Handbag

Christina Aguilera,Dior Handbag
Christina Aguilera and her Karenina Dior Handbag

Kim Kardashian,Fendi
Kim Kardashian and her Zucca of Fendi Handbag

Michelle Trachtenberg, Gucci
Michelle Trachtenberg and her Gucci Hysteria Handbag

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Louis Vuitton Fashion Style handbags

New monogram canvas rubis saline for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton handbags ever longer have names, since the initial "monogram" you will adding words that identify each new model. The latest addition to the signing, is the Monogram canvas rubis saline and its price is as big as its name, € 1870.

This is a very summery design, basket-shaped beach, although not suitable for sand and water, as it is made in skin. At the top takes about skin color raspberry details that make all the difference.

Handbags Louis Vuitton Monogram Jokes

Louis Vuitton

Handbags Monogram Jokes Louis VuittonCon the new line of handbags for Louis Vuitton.

As we can guess by the name of the line "Jokes" (jokes), these new bags carried several jokes printed directly on the classic Monogram.

The design of handbags is quite male, in shades of brown and feathered with certain areas in order to read the jokes… Well, what can you say about it?

Purse Mahina XS Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The final design "appeared" for Louis Vuitton, is the handbag Mahina XS, but not yet on sale.

for now, the only available models are on XL and XXL line Mahina, we hope that this beautiful (but expensive) Vuitton bag early exit in his small version.

Purse Mahina XXL for Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

the new Louis Vuitton bag Mahina, XXL. is available in black, with the same engravings on the skin and the same way as Mahina XS. We love the pleated side of the globe and how it has not so much the price: 2,470 €.

Purse Monogram Canvas Galliera GM Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Purse Monogram Canvas Galliera GM Louis Vuitton Judging by recent Vuitton handbags
This handbag, which has a very design classic leather, thereby carrying balloon and carries metal reinforcements at the bottom to protect the skin and a golden plaque on the front.

Portfolio Monogram Tissa rayure Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

Portfolio Monogram Tissa rayure Louis Vuitton is good for summer! forget about the uncomfortable handles skin damage you do in your shoulders when it's hot and sign up to the portfolios of hand. The Monogram Tissa rayure Louis Vuitton, is the perfect complement to accompany your summer dresses.

It belongs to the collection Tissa, which characterize by the double line of colored stamped on the monogram. Rivet also carries leather and metal as a buckle closure.

Monogram Tahitienne Cabas bag from Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

The latest is the Monogram Tahitienne, a floral patterned in pastel shades, perfect for the time of the year. Take the handles of white skin, a golden plaque on the front and the interior lined with the monogram of the firm. This is particularly the Monogram Tahitienne Cabas GM and its price amounts to almost 800 €.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My other bags are Prada…

My other bags are Prada

Following the success of the bag I'm not a plastic bag from Anya Hindmarch,There have been many small brands that have launched similar to its versions. Until the point of creating a new fashion, carrying bags with original messages.

The last with which we have encountered, has been bagladies East, which has written the phrase "my other bags are Prada…" (my other bags are Prada), in the front. Its price is € 12.20.

Mail Bag-Yves Saint Laurent

Mail Bag-Yves Saint Laurent

The fashion world is mourning, because Yves Saint Laurent passed on, one of the largest and most recognized couturiers of the twentieth century.

As a tribute to the designer, we will revise the bag Y-Mail, one of the latest creations of Yves Saint Laurent for this season.

This original bag carries engraved on the skin, strokes typical of a postal letter. The address of the handwritten signature in Paris and stamps…

Purse Monogram Motard Afterdark Louis Vuitton

Motard Afterdark Louis Vuitton

Motard Afterdark, is the name chosen by Vuitton to baptize one of their latest models. A totally different design models to the usual signature, which promises to revolutionize this summer.

It's up in loneta velvety and carries the monogram printed vernis. The bag is folded in half to become a charming hand portfolio and its price is 1,200 €.

Jiucy Couture Laptop bag

Juicy Couture

If you're tired of the sleeve of your laptop or even if you use one of those horrible black sleeves without any style, we recommend paying attention to this bag of Juicy Couture.

It's called Terry and Daisy is made in velvet, available in three different colors. The interior is padded to protect your computer from possible coups and carries a strip adjustable to be posted.


Camilla Alves Launches Handbag Line

Camilla Alves, muxo

Camilla Alves a Brazilian model has created with her mom Multo Abrigado a handbag line called MUXO. This handbag is unique and one of a kind because it is handmade. Camila says that the handbag is also influenced by the two places she spent most of her time, “Brazil and New York.”

The model admits that she created the line, “because I travel a lot, I found that there weren’t any handbags available that were strong and sexy enough at the same time…Everything was either too small (really cute but impractical) or too big (way too practical but not at all fashionable). So I wanted to create a handbag that fit my lifestyle… (and my laptop and princess cut diamonds at the same time)

MUXO can best be described as Bohemian chic, which works best for the L.A. hipsters.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Victoria Beckham To Unveil Dress Line Collection at New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham

Posh is fond of designing her denim line so much that she'd decided to continue with evening wear.. And now, she'll be unveiling Her First Fancy Dress Collection at New York Fashion Week and it'll be called Posh Frocks! The name was a bit odd, but knowing that it'll be Victoria Beckham who'll gonna design your outfit, Man, you'll going to think that this is something fashionable and stylish!

She says, "It will be something completely different from what I've ever done. I'm just putting it together at the moment, but they will be very upscale dresses and likely will start at around $1,200 retail. I'm going to be using very expensive fabrics and finishes, lots of embroideries."

She hopes to branch out into shoes and bags, but can't do those now because she's a "control freak" and doesn't want to expand too fast. She also refuses to do sportswear because she only likes to do things that are "true" to herself, that she would wear herself. "Sports and me don't really go hand-in-hand — other than with my husband," she added.

The design of Vicky was taken inspiration from Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli, and is already in talks with major department stores to sell them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Louis Vuitton Monogram Handbags

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First of all I’m a fan of the all-classic Monogram Handbags and These Louis Vuitton Monogram handbags has such an elegant and sophisticated design. The unique shape and LV print makes this bag's identity unmistakable. A fun twist was applied to the iconic handbag with the application of the Grenade hue to the Louis Vuitton Monogram making this piece even more appealing. This is one of those bags you can either dress up or dress down, and it’ll still look couture. They look so tempting, like you could almost bite into them!

Gisele Bundchen walking the runway in Sao Paulo's fahion week!

Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen displays a creation from the Colcci Spring/Summer collection during Sao Paulo Fashion June 22, 2008.

The model was also spotted looking sexy at a runway gig as part of the Sao Paulo Fashion week yesterday in a Colcci ensemble including a cropped top and figure-flattering trousers with a pair of massive heels.

Miss Bundchen recently told press that as a result of her meteoric rise to fame, people are always trying to discredit her beauty by claiming it’s all artificial. Then again, when you’re earning the industry’s top salary ($33 million a year) you have to expect some drama.

She told press, “The other day, a girl on my plane was pulling my hair. She was like, ‘I just want to check...’ [And I told her] ‘This is all my hair, by the way. I did not have extensions’”.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson To Design Country Clothes

Jessica Simpson

Singer Jessica Simpson is thinking about to launch her own line of lingerie in spring 2009. She's done so well with the shoes, sunglasses, and bathing suits, and she figured, why not?

The lingerie collection will include underwear, daywear and sleepwear.

It’s all apart of dad Joe Simpson’s plan to help Jessica sail to the top of the country charts. Joe thinks a new “designer denim and western wear” clothing line will help Jess cash in on her new country image and fan base.

Joe realized it’d be a natural for Jessica to design a line that included everything from tight-fitting jeans to cowboy hats,” a Star Magazine insider says. “She’s really a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl anyway…If things go well, Jessica should have her name on people’s butts by the Summer of 2009.”
Jessica, whose first country single “Come On Over” made an impressive Billboard debut, unofficially retired from pop music last week.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Designer Handbag Review

Fendi handbag

Fendi is dedicated to creating luxurious and high quality products because the most important element in a woman's wardrobe is her handbag. Fendi is the champion of exquisite handbags. Elegant and powerful women around the world, that are known for their individual style and natural poise, carry Fendi bags. Customers like Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianne Moore and Sharon Stone display their impeccable taste by wearing Fendi.

Dolce and gabbanna

Dolce & Gabbana women's handbags from the newest trendsetting collection. A handbag should be made with style and performance in mind – think Dolce & Gabbana Handbag.

Yves Saint Laurent
Womens Yves Saint Laurent Handbags When it comes to luxury, no one does bags like Yves Saint Laurent. Let everyone know that you only carry the best of the best.

Chloe Handbag

Womens Chloe Paddington Handbag If Goddesses were to wear handbags, they would pick a Chloe. Chloe handbags evoke a distinct strength and savvy feminine character.

Gucci Handbags

Gucci Handbags are considered to be one of a kind. There is not a single fashionista who would not want to have at least one bag from this world leading luxury label.

Miu Miu Handbags

Womens Miu Miu handbags are the perfect marriage of function and form. Like a classic ballet flat or chic trenchcoat, a Miu Miu handbag is destined to stand the test of time thanks to its ability to adapt to and transform the individual style of each woman who carries it.

Louis Vuitton

This LV Collection pays homage to the history and heritage of Louis Vuitton handbags and goods. Louis Vuitton Bag comes with: serial and model Numbers, the LV dust-bag, care booklet, LV cards

Chanel Handbags

The House of Chanel, more commonly known as Chanel, is a Parisian fashion house in France that was founded by Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Colored Skinny Jeans

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A few years ago, it was all about boot and flare cut when it comes to jeans, last year, it was the skinny jeans are “IN” in fashion industry. Now, whether you love them or hate them colored jeans are coming back in fashion style in a big way baby! And we're not just talking brown, black, grey and white but reds, pink, purple and this year's "it" color, yellow!

now, what colors would you like to wear?

me think violet / deep purple would be really nice!

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