Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrities and their Designer Handbags

Marc Jacobs Handbag
Vanessa Minnillo Quilted Stam and Marc Jacobs Handbag

Victoria Beckham, marc jacobs
Victoria Beckham y su Mika de Marc Jacobs Handbag

Jessica Alba,Yves Saint Laurent
Jessica Alba and its Downtown Yves Saint Laurent Handbag

Lindsay Lohan,Yves Saint Laurent
Lindsay Lohan and Belle de Jour Yves Saint Laurent Handbag

Lindsay Lohan,Prada
Lindsay Lohan and her portfolio Prada

Mary-Kate Olsen,Prada Handbag
Mary-Kate Olsen and his Lambskin Fringe Prada Handbag

Cameron Diaz,Tod's
Cameron Diaz and his bandits Tod's

ate Winslet, Hobo of Tod's
Kate Winslet and Sacca Hobo of Tod's

Mary-Kate Olsen,Chanel handbag
Mary-Kate Olsen and her Chanel handbag 2.55

Paris Hilton,Chanel Handbag
Paris Hilton and her Canvas Chain Chanel Handbag

Kirsten Dunst,Chanel handbag
Kirsten Dunst and her Chanel handbag

Sienna Miller,Chanel handbag
Sienna Miller and her Chanel handbag Cabas

Penelope Cruz,Chanel handbag
Penelope Cruz and her Chanel handbag

Dita Von Teese,Dior
Dita Von Teese and his Lady Dior Cannage Handbag

Kylie Minogue,Dior Handbag
Dita Von Teese alongside Kylie Minogue carrying Dior Handbag

Christina Aguilera,Dior Handbag
Christina Aguilera and her Karenina Dior Handbag

Kim Kardashian,Fendi
Kim Kardashian and her Zucca of Fendi Handbag

Michelle Trachtenberg, Gucci
Michelle Trachtenberg and her Gucci Hysteria Handbag


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