Monday, June 9, 2008

Louis Vuitton Vs. Artist Nadia Plesne

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Louis Vuitton multicolore. LV is suing Darfur Fundraiser and Artist Nadia Plesner for Copyright Infringement.

Louis Vuitton filed a case against Artist Nadia Plesner a 26 year old student artist for Copyright Infringement. Plesner sells posters of t-shirts of a Darfur victim whose holding a designer bag inspired by a Louis Vuitton design for her Simple Living campaign, started in October 2007, Plesner created products (in Paris Hilton style) with the image of a Darfur victim with a chihuahua and a Louis Vuitton purse. All proceeds were to benefit Divest for Darfur.

In February Louis Vuitton contacted Plesner, telling her to stop the Simply Living campaign. Plesner refused, and on April 15, the luxury goods company sued her for the following:

$7,500 for each day that Plesner continues the charity campaign

$7,500 for each day their letter is published on her website

$7,500 a day for using the Louis Vuitton name on her website

The lawsuit also asks her to pay for their lawyers and pay LV $15,000 in damages.


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