Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Victoria Beckham To Unveil Dress Line Collection at New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham

Posh is fond of designing her denim line so much that she'd decided to continue with evening wear.. And now, she'll be unveiling Her First Fancy Dress Collection at New York Fashion Week and it'll be called Posh Frocks! The name was a bit odd, but knowing that it'll be Victoria Beckham who'll gonna design your outfit, Man, you'll going to think that this is something fashionable and stylish!

She says, "It will be something completely different from what I've ever done. I'm just putting it together at the moment, but they will be very upscale dresses and likely will start at around $1,200 retail. I'm going to be using very expensive fabrics and finishes, lots of embroideries."

She hopes to branch out into shoes and bags, but can't do those now because she's a "control freak" and doesn't want to expand too fast. She also refuses to do sportswear because she only likes to do things that are "true" to herself, that she would wear herself. "Sports and me don't really go hand-in-hand — other than with my husband," she added.

The design of Vicky was taken inspiration from Marc Jacobs and Roberto Cavalli, and is already in talks with major department stores to sell them.


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